Exciting News - I Wrote a Cookbook!

AHH!  I can't believe I have a post with that title.  Typing out the words, even after seeing the manuscript just a few days ago, still doesn't seem real.  But alas, I did it.  I wrote a cookbook, and I can finally tell you about it!!

Cooking for Two Cover

And that, right above, is the cover! My book is called 30-Minute Cooking For Two: Healthy Dishes Without the Fuss, and contains 110 (yes, ONE HUNDRED AND TEN) recipes.

These are 110 recipes that are all made with 8 ingredients or less, take 30 minutes or less from start to finish, and are portioned for 2-3 people.  This makes it perfect for newlyweds, couples with babies or toddlers who don't eat full portions, empty nesters, and people who are single.

It actually still makes sense for us as a family to cook 2-3 servings, as Lars and Soren will eat about the equivalent of one adult portion between the two of them.  It's great because we aren't big fans of leftovers, and I hate throwing away leftovers that go uneaten.

I always had readers like you in mind when writing this cookbook, and had so much fun in the process.  I hope it gets people in the kitchen who may feel overwhelmed cooking night after night, and perhaps uninspired.  There is a huge variety of recipes and I truly think that this book could find a place in everyone's life.  It's full of healthy, simple, uncomplicated, approachable recipes that are (most importantly) delicious.

The cookbook comes out November 13 (just in time for holiday gifts!) but you can go to my Amazon page today to pre-order, to get a jump on it.  I'll definitely be talking more about the book as the release date gets closer, but I just could not wait one more day to share this announcement with you!!

30 Minute Cooking For Two

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