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Our Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

This post is not sponsored by any company, however I was provided products to review, which I talk about below.  Be sure to check out a sweet promo code at the bottom!  

A few months ago we moved from our cozy little one and a half story house in the city to a larger house with a bigger yard in a suburb next to Minneapolis.  We fell in love with the house as a whole, from the exterior and the backyard, to the crown molding, layout, and the large master bedroom.

However, this wasn’t a new house that we bought and a lot (most?) of it is in need of some updating.  We even have a couple of large-scale renovation projects that we hope to do in the next couple of years.

While our master bedroom in our old house was the last room that I thought of when it came to decorating, I really wanted our room in our new house to feel completed.  While it wasn’t hideous by any means, it just didn’t feel like it had our character in it.  So let’s just get right to it and show you a good ‘ol before photo.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Like I said, not horrible but – meh.  Also, this isn’t a true “before” photo because I took it after we got a little bit of new furniture, but you get the point.  The color is kind of yucky and the wall sconces are outdated and needed to go buh-bye.

That said, the main changes that we made were painting and changing out the wall sconces.  While it took a little longer than I would have liked, since painting with kids home is not ideal, it was a pretty simple ordeal that made a huge difference.  To brighten up the room, I painted all of the walls Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (which you can see in the first photo above) except for the wall behind our bed.  I had played around with the idea of painting all the walls dark navy but I chickened out.  I settled for an accent wall in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and I am SO happy I did!  I really love how it turned out.

Master Bedroom Makeover

We actually chose the bed before anything else, which is what we based the entire room around.  If only you knew how long and drawn out of a process this was.  I’ll spare you some ugly details, but after some drama with West Elm, then ordering a different bed and canceling that order because I had second thoughts, we finally settled on this bed (not an affiliate link) from Wayfair, and I love it.  It’s simple, it’s cozy, and it’s sturdy.  Also of importance – it is reasonably priced!

Since we went from a queen sized bed to a California king (because Marc is TALL!), we needed a new mattress as well.  The folks at Loom & Leaf were kind enough to send us one of their mattresses so we could share our experience with you guys and it’s safe to say that we are absolutely LOVING it!

Lars Reading In Bed

We chose the relaxed firm memory foam Loom & Leaf mattress and it is slightly firm yet super comfortable.  I love that the mattress is also eco-friendly and is topped with organic cotton.  It also has cooling gel and breathing channels to keep us from getting super hot in the middle of the night, which Marc especially loves.  If you’re looking for a comfortable but supportive mattress, Loom & Leaf is definitely a great option.  They are only sold online and come with an amazing delivery service.  They’ll also get rid of your old mattress for you!

I also love that, along with the soft headboard from our new bed, it’s firm enough to lounge in bed with the boys.  Lars loves climbing into bed with us to read a few books or to cuddle in the morning, and the firmness is perfect for that!  Overall, we could not be happier with our Loom & Leaf mattress!

Reading in Bed

Another amazing product that we are loving in our bedroom?  Our linen bedding!  I have wanted a linen duvet cover and shams for years, but I was not too keen on the price tag.  I was super close to biting the bullet on spending way too much on linen when I saw a company called Bokser Home pop up on my Instagram feed, marketing theirselves as “affordable, well-designed, responsibly sourced, and high quality bedding.”  What’s that, you say?  Affordable yet amazing bedding?!  Count me in.Master Bedroom Makeover

As I looked more into Bokser, I was thrilled to find out it’s a local Minneapolis company because I love, love, love supporting and sharing local companies.  I could really go on and on about all of the things I love about Bokser and our bedding, but the highlights for me are that their linen is sourced from France, they thoroughly test their products for toxic chemicals that they can be exposed to during manufacturing, and above all – they use the best materials in the market and sell it for a reasonable price.

On our bed we have the white linen duvet and shams, and the percale sheet set.  We also have one of their blankets, which will come very handy when winter rolls around.  It is super cozy!  Between the bedding and our mattress, I love crawling into bed at night!  And so does this little guy.

Bonus: Bokser home is offering my readers an amazing deal – 20% off your order!  From now until September 7th get 20% off with the code GREENS20.

Master Bedroom Makeover

And that’s pretty much it!  There are still some things I want to add, like some artwork to the walls, but for the most part it’s done.  I am so glad that we put our master bedroom as a high priority on our (extremely long) house to-do list.  It feels so great to have this oasis to escape to at night.

Master Bedroom Makeover

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