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My Lovevery Review

If you’re on Instagram and have little ones, likely you’ve seen the beautiful Lovevery products, either on your friends feeds or advertisements. It’s no doubt they are eye-appealing and have an aesthetic that is unlike other baby and kids toys that we’ve ever seen. We bought the Lovevery Play Mat, and Lovevery gifted us a playkit and some blocks. So the question is – would I buy from them again? Is the price worth it? Did my kids actually play with the toys?

The answer: an astounding YES! First, the play gym. I bought this for our third baby, as the original play mat I had bought was 5 years old and missing all of the attachments. Also, it just wasn’t that pretty to look at. The Lovevery Play Gym, however? It’s made with gorgeous wood across the top and has an overall neutral mat with pops of color that are tasteful and appropriate for child development. It also comes with toys like a batting ring, an organic cotton teether, a batting ball, a teething ring, and high contrast, mirror, and faces cards for the baby to look at.

Lovevery Review

Now for the Play Kit. I chose the Babbler Play Kit for our 15 month old, which comes with a Slide and Seek Ball Run, Bunnies in a Felt Burrow, a Wooden Stacker, a Circle of Friends Puzzle, a bedtime book, and a cube for putting in wooden coins, rubber carrots, and a posting lid. I also received their Block Set, which comes in a wooden box and with a fun canvas sack to store the blocks in, if needed.

Not only did Emma, my 15 month old, love the activities, but so did my 3 and 6 year old! Mostly they loved playing with the toys with their little sister, but they also really loved playing with the toys. Of course they loved playing with the blocks, which are wooden and fun colors, and also comes with a couple of people figures and a stick with a string to practice threading some of the blocks with holes through.

The ball run was fun for a cause and effect toy, where Emma could push the ball down and see it go into a box, and then she had to figure out how to get it out. The puzzle was also great because there were children’s faces which Emma loved seeing.

Lovevery Review

Her favorite part of the play kit was the bank cube where she put the carrots in through the lid. This activity keeps her occupied for such a long time and doesn’t seem to get old for her!

Lovevery Review

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Lovevery play kits and the play gym. They are well worth the money for the quality and aesthetic, and I am looking forward to trying new play kits as Emma gets older!

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