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Brown Butter S’mores Stuffed Rice Krispie Treats

Brown butter s’mores stuffed with graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate, and toasted marshmallows in these Brown Butter S’Mores Stuffed Rice Krispie Treats!


Today we’re on Day 14 of our John Muir Trail trek…only two days left after this!  Over the weekend we hiked from Lower Palisade Lake all the way to 60 Lakes Basin, which is where we’re starting off today.  That is, if we made over the one-person-at-a-time “very bouncy” suspension bridge known as “The Golden Gate of the Sierra.”  I’m sure we did mom and dad!  From 60 Lakes we will gain about 3,700 feet of elevation today and end at Lake at 12,250 which is located at 12,250 feet of elevation.  This will put us around 13 miles for the day.

When I tell people about the backpacking trip that we are currently on, I get a variety of responses.  Some people ask lots of questions about how far our hike is, where we sleep, what we eat, what I’m nervous about, etc.  These people seem to kind of understand what we’re doing.  Contrary to what many people think, we’re not just out dilly dallyin’ around, swimming in lakes by day and roasting s’mores by night.  We’re literally hiking 220 miles with every. single. thing. we need in our packs.

Another question people have when talking about our trip is: What will you eat?!  Unlike your typical campsite camping that you would drive your car or RV up to, we will not be eating hot dogs and s’mores every night.  How sad is that? I mean, isn’t that what camping is all about?! Unfortunately Marc didn’t think a bag of marshmallows would be optimal use of our precious backpack space, and I’m pretty sure graham crackers would not survive being stuffed into our packs either. And the chocolate would melt. The whole thing would be a disaster.

To console myself about the lack of s’mores on our backpacking trip, I made these s’mores stuffed rice krispies.  Because why not?  Plus, I’m starting the whole carb-loading thing a bit early for this trip.  And you guys – these are completely worth every delicious calorie that is stuffed in them. I promise.

First, you start with browning butter.  We’re all familiar with and aware of the magic of browning butter, right?  Good.  Then you make rice krispies like ya do except you’ll add some crushed up graham crackers too, and you put half of that into the pan and top it with Hershey’s chocolate.


Then comes the fun part: the marshmallows.  To get that true s’mores flavor, I wanted to toast/burn my marshmallow layer.  I did this using the flame on my gas stove, and had a marshmallow roasting party by myself.  Good times.

Now, if you don’t have a gas stove or are concerned about the safety risk of roasting marshmallows inside your house, you could also use a creme brûlée torch to lightly toast them or I’m thinking you could put them under the broiler for a minute or two to get them golden brown.  Or you can not toast them.  I personally love them burnt.   To each his own.


To finish it all off, you top the marshmallows with the remainder of the rice krispie/graham cracker mixture.  Then you cut into squares and enjoy all of the glorious s’mores/brown butter/rice krispie goodness!  So good.  There’s 99% chance I’ll be dreaming of them in my sleeping bag tonight.

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brown butter s’mores rice krispie treats

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  • 8 tbsp butter sliced into tablespoons
  • 1 bag mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups krispie rice cereal
  • 1 sleeve graham crackers roughly chopped
  • 4 Hershey's bars
  • ~3/4 bag of large marshmallows


  • Line 9x13" pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. Set aside.
  • In large pot, add butter over medium heat.
  • Stirring frequently, if not constantly, melt butter and continue to cook butter until brown specks appear. Then immediately remove from heat.
  • Add marshmallows and stir, stir, stir, until they are melted.
  • Add rice krispies and chopped graham crackers, stirring well to combine.
  • Add half of the rice krispie mixture to bottom of prepared pan, gently pressing to form bottom layer.
  • Add Hershey's evenly on top of rice krispie mixture.
  • For the marshmallow layer, you can brown the marshmallows in three various ways:
  • 1. Place the marshmallows on top of chocolate and then, using a creme brulee torch, brown the marshmallows.
  • 2. Turn on broiler. Place marshmallows on top of chocolate layer, then place under broiler for 1-2 minutes until marshmallows are brown.
  • 3. Place marshmallows on skewers and brown them on top of stove (using gas stove).
  • Top marshmallows with remaining rice krispie mixture, pressing it out evenly.


I've included three different ways to get your marshmallows brown/burnt to get that real s'mores flavor. I used skewers and browned my marshmallows over the stove and would recommend doing them one at a time. While this was a bit time consuming (~10 minutes), it was much easier than when I tried doing them 2 or 3 at a time and I was able to get them evenly brown by spinning them over the flame, then immediately blowing flame out.
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  1. I hope your backpacking is going well! You are SO much stronger than I! The only thing I like about camping is s’mores, so I am SO glad you made these rice krispie treats-I couldn’t ask for anything else to be more delicious!

  2. I looked at this last week and will definitely be making this week. Let’s be honest though, you had me at brown butter (so delipsch) hope all is well with the trip, can’t wait to hear all about it (even though you have done an amazing job taking us along the way thus far) Cheers!